Scientific projects and researches

Direction of the scientific project
Name of the project
Project manager
1 Fundamental research

Investigation of the effect of surfactants on the course of the two-phase fluid in microchannels and porous media using direct numerical simulation

Bekbauov Bakbergen Ermekbaevich
2014-2015 years
2 Fundamental research
Development of the attitude control system of small satellites remote sensing and scientific purposes
Rakisheva Zaure Bayanovna
2014-2015 years
3 Applied research
Development geotechnological information modeling complex to optimize production of useful component situ leaching method Kaltayev Aidarkhan
2014-2015 years
4 Energy and Mechanical Engineering
The study of optimal operating conditions and performance of solar heat pump direct expansion with respect to the cold climate
Kaltayev Aidarkhan
2014-2015 years
5 Energy and Mechanical Engineering
Development of modes of charging and discharging of the hybrid heat accumulator solar thermal energy, consisting of a latent heat storage and heat accumulator with vertical ground heat exchanger type downhole
Tungatarova Madina Sovetkalievna
2014-2015 years
6 Energy and Mechanical Engineering Development and research of intelligent robotic systems reactive navigation and adaptive motion control of the robot humanoid type to move in difficult terrain conditions Yeraliyev Ablay Kabekovich
2014-2015 years
7 Energy and Mechanical Engineering
Development of analytical theory predicting the strength and stiffness of robotic systems and mechanisms Utenov Muratulla Umaralievich 2014-2015 years


International projects


Grantor Name of the project Participants from KazNU Coordinator Period
1 TEMPUS SESREMO Strengthening education in space-based remote sensing for monitoring of eco systems in Israel, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan
Rakisheva Zaure Bayanovna

Nogaibayeva Makpal Orazbayevna

Berlin Technical University, Germany 2013-2015 years
 2 Erasmus+ Applied curricula in space exploration and intelligent robotic systems / APPLE

Rakisheva Zaure Bayanovna

Seydakhmet Askar Zhunisovich

Berlin Technical University, Germany 2017-2019 years


World bank projects

Grant program Name of the project Project manager Period Contacts

SSG/JRG"Fostering productive innovation"

Technology of seasonal storage of solar thermal energy for heating and hot water supply of residential area / multi-storey buildings Tungatarova Madina Sovetkalievna 2017-2019 years