Student life

Pedagogical work among the students is conducted in different directions. In the implementation of plans upbringing work of great help provides the curator - adviser educational groups:

Acquaintance students:

  • with a new system "Univer", obtaining usernames and passwords,
  • familiarize students with the credit technology of education,
  • tracking of and the discuss progress and attendance students of lessons,
  • the working with lagging behind student,
  • providing help to students in resolving issues the future career,
  • identification of directions of scientific research,
  • choice of scientific supervisor,
  • selection of topics of final works,
  • science",
  • participate in social activities of the faculty: meetings and subbotnik
  • with the rganization of the event on prevention drug abuse, smoking, alcoholism,
  • the active participation of students in mass organizations, competitions, lympiads, scientific the seminars and conferences,
  • participate in public events of department, faculty, university,
  • tour of duty in the dormitory