For the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory "Faster, higher and stronger!" ("Bıstree, sïlnee, vışe!") sports festival

On Saturday, 25.04.2015j. 8 hours 10.00-14.00 From the hostel near the playground of the "mechanics" of the 20th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan organized by the Department of "faster, higher and stronger!" ("Bıstree, sïlnee, vışe!"), the sporting events are held.The competitive No. 8 hostel students, students majoring in mechanics (over a hundred) students, professor and head of the Department of Mechanics Kaltayev A. and faculty advisors (AK Yeralievo to, Rakisheva ZB, DE Turalina Bekbauov B. Tungatarova MS, Alibayeva., m. p.). Eight sports (football, volleyball, tennis, togyzkumalak, chess, tug, asyk, five stone) competition was held among the students. 8 football team in the competition, 4 teams in volleyball, tennis 20 students, 16 students in chess, 4stwdent togyzkumalak, 4 teams in the rope, slowly 15 students, five of 12 students took part in the rock.Students ground balls, "Sport -densawlıq guarantee!", "Faster, higher and stronger!", "We want a healthy lifestyle!" Calls recorded decorated with posters.Football - 2-year students who are training in mechanics "Dalamber" (Baymenov Cher captain of the team, Qurmanseyit Goal, Kenesbay Timur, are Muratbekova President, my friend Azamat Sadykov Nurbol), 3-year students majoring in mechanics volleyball team (Team kapïtanı- Abu Bekdawlet), tennis ĞTT 1-year undergraduate students majoring in Kurmanbekov Alimzhan, şaxmattan- 3rd-year student majoring in mechanics Doseke O., tug of 2-year students who are training in mechanics team (Shayahmetov N., Baymenov Cher, Temeşov column, Esimkhan of Shalkarsky, Primbetov Nesipbek, Qurmanseyit purposes), students and 3 togyzkumalak of specialty mechanics course Kamaladïn Guldana, 3rd year student of the mechanics of the ankles Maken Aibek, five stone 3rd year student majoring in mechanics Kuan Makpal winners. The winners cake, flash drive distributed. Students expressed their wishes.

Publication date :  5/15/2015