Methodical Conference


On April 10, 2015 in the framework of the II International Farabi readings at the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science, a scientific -methodical conference "Management of the quality of education in high school "was organized by the Department of Philosophy and the Faculty of metodical bureau.

The conference was held with the active participation of professors and teaching staff of the faculty and university professors of Almaty. Very interesting and informative presentations were made by Professor M. Khasanov, Nurysheva G., Berdibaeva S., Rysbekova Sh., Lukpanov A., Kenzhakimova G., Seytnur J., Professor of Management of the University of New Economic after T. Ryskulov - Kuatbaeva G., PhD, Associate Professor of Management, University of Almaty (ALMAU) Mynbayeva N. and others.   On the conference the issues on of improving the quality of teaching of the humanities at the university and innovation in training and education were discussed.


Publication date :  4/12/2015