SLS HOMO. World Philosophy Day

November 27, 2014 at the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science celebrated World Philosophy Day. World Philosophy Day was dedicated to the 170 th anniversary of the great thinker Friedrich Nietzsche and the blessed memory of the founder of cultural studies, the first postmodernist and professor in Kazakhstan Becket Nurzhanov. The event was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science Professor Masalimova A.R., Director of the Center of Al-Farabi Professor JA Altayev , Assistant professors of the Department of Philosophy Boretsky OM, Amirkulova JA, Lifanova TY, bachelors Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science, Oriental Studies, Faculty of International Relations. During philosophical keeping room named " Is Nietzsche our contemporary?! ..." we recalled two known postmodernists, talked about their contribution to the world and national philosophy and culture, of ideology-free perception of the philosophical heritage of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nurzhanov interpretation of the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche was presented in student performance "Рhilosophy as a science live" - philosophy of autobiography Nietzsche with audiovisual support and live game students. Understanding superman eyes of the younger generation of today, the place of the ideal man Friedrich Nietzsche in the modern world discussed in O.M.Boretskiy Cinemaclub. Authors and organizers of the event have been an assistant professor of the Department of Philosophy Myamesheva GH, undergraduate of the Department of Philosophy Kindikbayeva K. and members of the scientific section SLS HOMO.

Publication date :  4/2/2015