Smart Cinema:Ecology: man-made and natural disasters


20 October at 16.00 in the cinema "Caesar" was held the second in this academic year's event at the Smart Cinema (international school in Almaty, Miras school, gymnasium №1 and the Department of philosophy of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University). It was dedicated to the theme «Ecology: man-made and natural disasters». For students of the International school Almaty, school gymnasium №1 and school "Miras" was shown the film «Geostorm», 2017, (USA), devoted to natural disasters in the genre of the disaster movie. Key concepts of film: thriller, disaster, technical progress, ecology.

In his introductory remarks, the teacher of literature L. Titov stressed the importance of philosophical questions: Who are we? Where? Where are we going?

At the discussion, conducted by Professor Boretsky O. M., the children and teachers spoke about the importance of environmental education, about human responsibility, about the planetary mind.






Publication date :  10/24/2017