Aynalandy nurlandyr! Performance "Sagym kugandar" Theatre named after G.Musrepov


   Within the framework of the project "Aynalaңdy nurlandyr" Department of Philosophy FFP held 11/12/2015, the cultural and educational event dedicated to G.Musrepov’s creative heritage.

   Organizers of the event: Nurysheva G.Zh., Yedilbayeva S.Zh., Amirkulova Zh.A., A. Kh Ramazanov, Nigmetova A.T., undergraduate Kanapiyaeva D.Zh. along with undergraduates 2 courses and 4 courses attended a performance of the Kazakh State Academic Theater for Children and Youth named after G.Musrepov "Sagym kugandar" . This is a unique scenic product that educates youth in the spirit of moral development and spiritual development of the individual.

Publication date :  12/19/2015