студ совет



Supreme Student Council of the University of al-Farabi is primarily active youth penalty. The main purpose of this organization is not only to contribute to the prosperity of the town treasury but also keeps order and cleanliness hostel also organize events (in the field of sports, debates on various topics, evening entertainment) competitions to interest students and make life dorm brighter and more saturated. Supreme Student Council is making a significant contribution to the development of spiritual patriotism among students shaped them as a responsible person. Every student is important for the student council. Indeed, the Supreme Student Council provides students hostels, theirs takes into account the social and other rights, solves problems in the interests of students at meetings.

The supreme Student Council organizes meetings with famous scientists, public figures and with stars of the Kazakhstan platform, holds conferences, thematic evenings, round tables with the purpose to interest the student to active life. Thus, the Supreme Student Council takes a special place in development of youth.

The purposes of the Supreme Student Council is:

  • Performance of the law "About the State Youth Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan";
  • All-round development of self-government of students and youth at University;
  • Increase of a civil role and responsibility of the students living in the hostel;
  • Harmonious development of patriotic spirit of student's youth.
  • Creation of conditions for development of specific features and intellectual potential of students for the benefit of all society.
  • Functions of the organization
  • Scheduling of the Supreme Student Council, also control and ensuring implementation of the annual plan of work of hostels;
  • The requirement from chairmen of hostels of conducting certification work of the students living in hostels;
  • Monitoring making decisions on settling of the student to the hostel;
  • Ensuring compliance with social and other rights of the students living in the hostel;
  • Involvement of the students living in the hostel in cultural and mass and other actions of university and the hostel.