Сенат студентов


The Senate of the student ( mojno The Student's Senate) - organization that provides social and innovative creative projects, mobile and educated youth of the University. The Senate is - youth center, which preparing the talented students,for promotes development of positive qualities and proper prioritization. Know yourself together with Senat.

What is the Senate?

Students' Senate of Kazakh National University named after al-Pharabi  is  a supreme body of the student government, which includes Maslikhat members of  each faculty.

The purpose of the students' Senate  is to represent the interests of students to the university administration, strengthening and improving the image of the University in the interuniversity, national and international levels, the organization of the systematic work and activities in priority functional areas of public life, promote self-fulfillment and the development of managerial skills among students, increasing the effectiveness of the educational process at the university, the formation of active life and citizenship of students, promotion of healthy lifestyles, the organization of systematic work to improve the mechanisms of the student government at the level of the faculty and the university.

Students' Senate materialize its goal by these areas:

Cultural direction (the organization, conduct and the establishment of associations of interest (sections, clubs, etc.) for the full satisfaction of diverse needs of students, organization of visits to museums, theaters, exhibitions, etc.).

Athletic direction (sport competitions, organizing sections and sports clubs, to provide students with information about the championships, sports games, as well as creating conditions for physical training and sports, coverage of sporting achievements of the University and so on.).

And exactly what the Senate is useful for students?

Senate teaches a lot: teamwork, organization of fun activities on thematic projects of Rector, helps to reveal your potential, to awaken in you as a leader, increases the effectiveness of the educational process, shapes  active life and citizenship, promoting healthy lifestyle, contributes to useful contacts with interesting and promising people learn to value their time and skill to combine study with activism, as well as contributes to the development of students' talents.

Chairman of the "Students' Senate": Barakov Bolatbek Sadirzhanuly.

Phone: 87081905930

E-mail: senat_kaznu@gmail.com