Public fund “Komek”



The world needs kindness to warm, mercy to understand, helping hand to move forward. Do you want to be a part of all this? To see such people? Then you certainly will find them among the volunteers of the public Fund "Komek". We see and understand now everything happening in the world, but at the same time we want and try that there will be kindness in the world. We try and want to be those people who have kindness and share it with everyone, in spite of their age, gender or other characteristics. Our goal is to encourage everyone to do good, to work for the benefit of the good and to share the warmth of our hearts. And you, too, become one of us!


 "Komek"  is  a community of students created  on the basis of the university  KazNU after  Al-Farabi. It  has been organizing volunteer work to assist socially vulnerable groups of the population.The organization was established  in 2010  10th  of November .

Project justification

Our future is in the hands of young people. In the formation of the younger generation of the society is of great importance. Volunteer work is  a wide range of activities, showing the social activity of young people, bringing up social responsibility, patriotism, leadership, support and understanding of students. And our goal is to send the energy of young people for the benefit of their personal formation and for the benefit of society. Our project is based on the organization of a volunteer to help orphans and children without parental care, children from remedial schools, the sick from cancer and autism, as well as the elderly in need of volunteer help. This includes working with children non-formal education aimed at intercultural dialogue, peacemaking, conflict resolution and environmental protection. Also working with children, who often do not even go beyond the children's home, which is not enough attention, communication and comfort. They live in closed areas and badly oriented   life.  Deprived  of communication with the outside world. And so it is necessary to constantly work with them. Unfortunately teachers often do not have enough time for this. As a result  in this work could engage young students of our university and students from other universities. Our project will help to cover a large number of children's homes with permanent team of students. And most important help to  more children find themselves in a life!


1. The development of students KazNU after Al-Farabi to the social responsibility and mutual aid and support.

2. Lay the groundwork of patriotism, leadership, environmental, aesthetic, ethical and labor education among students.

3. The provision of moral and physical assistance.

4. Increase in children the desire to fight the disease.

5. Pedagogical (tutoring) assistance to orphans and children with disabilities.

President of the Public Fund "Komek":   Myrzahmet Malik

Contact phones: 8-747-309-17-97, 8-707-811-57-70, 8-747-174-28-23.