Студенческое бюро по болонскому процессу


Today, Student Bureauof the Bologna process is the organization, whose main purpose is to support and protect the interests of students and address their academic issues. Priority for the organization is trust. The students ' confidence as an independent entity in settling the issues. Our tasksare not simple, but very real. We aim to introduce a policy of openness for comments and suggestions towards the quality of education in our University.

SBBP - is the building of the dialogue between the administration of the University and its students in the new format. In turn, SBBP conducts preventive and explanatory work to prevent conflict situations. Our mission is to promote the development of independence of students of KazNU named after al-Farabi in the protection of rights in the field of education, as well as to show and teach students to use the full educational services.

The organization’s objectives: 
1. Increase student’s participation in the management of educational process:

- the introduction of the policy of openness for comments and suggestions towards the quality of education in the University;

- full communion of students to build their educational trajectory.

2. Realization of policies for promoting quality of education:

 - the exclusion of unfair exams;

- participation inthe meeting of the Council on ethics in the faculty  to support students;

 - monitoring the quality of getting knowledge

3. Development of internal academic mobility.

4. Supportforforeigncitizens.

5. Maximum participation of students in international projects, development of the  mass character.

The pride of the Student Bureau of the Bologna process is the only one of its kind, the center of student support "Advice". The center has become a place of dialogue of students with the administration. It promotes the resolution of issues and also receives comments and suggestions for improving the educational process. Each student can apply to the various questions,both anonymous and personally for advice. The center is staffed by students - undergraduates, which are fully owned by the academic policy of the university and other legal acts, regulating this area. This practice improves the feedback between administration and students. After all, the confidence  and maintaining the confidentiality of students is the central tenet of our center.

One of the outstanding projects of SBBP is:

• SSS (Super Smart Student) within the project of Al - farabi Smart City, in whichduring  the intellectual competitions  we define the most intelligent student of our University.

• The annual fair of educational programs, scholarships and vacancies "Path to Success", together with the Department of Academic Affairs.

• The "Clean session". Monitoring cameras and enteringto  the composition of the examination Committee during exams.

• Annual meeting of the Vice-rector for educational work with elders from all faculties, as well as meetings with foreign students of KazNU named after al-Farabi.

The voices of students must be taken into account, when making certain decisions,  for this purpose there is a Student Bureau of the Bologna processin the Kazakh National University. We are always glad to each student addressed to us, or who decided to join our ranks!

Chairman of the "Office for students Bologna Process": Murzagaliev Temirlan Serikzhanovich

Phone: 87088220098

E-mail: kaznusbbp@gmail.com