Leaders of the “ENGLISH DRAMA” CLUB are A.K. Valyeva and T.P. Kolesnikova, Teachers of the Department of Foreign Philology and General Linguistics.

CLUB was launched on 1 September 2012. Members of the society are first/second year students of the specialty “Foreign language: two foreign languages” and “Foreign philology”. 33 students are the members of “ENGLISH DRAMA” CLUB.

Students’ Club "ENGLISH DRAMA" of the Chair of Foreign Philology ​​and General Linguistics at the Faculty of Philology, Literary Studies and World Languages ​​of al-Farabi Kazakh National University is aimed at developing the creative potential of each student and the formation of a many-sided developed personality. The work of club helps to develop the students’ creative skills, the individual qualities like attentiveness, observation, responsibility, commitment, tolerance, self-confidence. The members of the club have the opportunity to express themselves, to define and develop their talent that will further help them to find themselves in the work or other area of ​​life.

"ENGLISH DRAMA" club performed the following theatrical performances:

1. “Alice in Wonderland” – 06.12.12

2. «Three little women» – 06.12.12

3. «Я маленькая госпожа» – 26.04.13.

4. «Cinderalla» – 26.04.13

5. «Mama Mia» – 26.04.13.

The English Drama Club was founded 2 years ago. It was aimed at developing students’ outlook and literary taste.

We have already performed 5 performances. It was a great success with audience. The students are very enthusiastic and creative, they are eager to take part in all activities. We’ll continue working with our club.

You are welcome!