Self-knowledge: Pedagogy of Affection and Creativity


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Employees of the military Chair of al-Farabi KazNU took part in the International pedagogical Forum.

In Almaty hosted the international pedagogical forum "Self-knowledge: pedagogy of affection and creativity." The forum is timed to the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the National center "Bobek".

20 years ago under the guidance of the author of the program of moral-spiritual education "Self-knowledge" Sara Alpysovna Nazarbayeva the national center “Bobek” was created , as a basis for the implementation, dissemination and inculcation of spiritual and moral values, love of country pre-school and school youth of our government.  

Given the close interaction and cooperation of the National center "Bobek" and the military Department of  al-Farabi KazNU in the Patriotic education of student youth for participation in forum were invited the head of the military Chair Colonel Oleg Azhimov, lecturers of educational and ideological work and military psychology of military Chair.

The author of the program of moral-spiritual education "Self-knowledge" Sara Nazarbayeva delivered bright and meaningful speech at the opening ceremony of the forum. Minister of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan E. K. Sagadiev and akim of Almaty city K. B. Baibek addressed greetings to the participants of the forum.

Lecturers of the military Chair Colonel V.V. Voronin and major M. A. Atykhanova took part in activities during the forum master classes on the spiritual and moral education of the individual.

Experience of participation in the forum, will more fully and purposefully use the elements of the program "Self-knowledge" in the methods of the organization of educational and ideological work and Patriotic education of future defenders of the Fatherland.