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Simultaneous interpreting (western languages)


Faculty of Philology and World Languages

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ON1 To realize Paragraph-phrase Interpreting without note-taking using Compression techniques and Equivalent transfer of cultural markers from the source language to the target language.
ON2 To realize Simultaneous Interpreting from a sheet, using the tools of the Theory and Practice of Simultaneous interpreting with the stages of: visual perception; understanding the message; internal decoding of the Interpretation; oral reproduction of the message in the target language.
ON3 To realize Bilateral Interpreting of negotiations and interviews using probabilistic forecasting technique.
ON4 To realize Simultaneous Interpreting with visual support of Public presentations and Conferences, using the booth for SimultaneousInterpreting.
ON5 To conduct Consecutive Interpreting using the technique of an abbreviated note-taking technique in Business communication.
ON6 To realize Simultaneous Interpreting in International organizations without visual support (by listening), using only headphones and a microphone and relying on the perceptual, mnemonic abilities of the Interpreter.
ON7 To realize Simultaneous Interpreting by Wispering (subsynchronization, chuchotage) and film / video translation using translation transformations in Industry-specific events.
ON8 To plan and organize research projects and scientific research in the field of Simultaneous Interpreting technology in the context of modern trends in Translation Studies.
ON9 To conduct scientific and experimental studies on the collection of perceptual hearing, generating translation text, storing information in short-term memory and identifying effective methods of Interpretation using Complex methods of analysis.
ON10 To teach courses on the practical application of Simultaneous Interpreting techniques, methods for expanding the active stock of industry terminological and general cultural vocabulary, the standarts of International speech etiquette and professional ethics of a Simultaneous Interpreter.
ON11 To conduct classes on the theory and practice of simultaneous translation in a Higher education institution using Simultaneous Interpreting tools, Information technology and Innovative teaching methods.
ON12 To create a program for your personal development: constantly develop yourself intellectually and culturally, improve your translator's skills and stress resistance of a Simultaneous Interpreter; to expand the active lexicon of terms in various Industries; to understand the social significance of their future profession, to be highly motivated in searching of ways to optimize Simultaneous Interpreting.
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