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Standardization and certification (by industry)


of Physics and Technology

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ОN1 systematize conceptually organized knowledge and realize its role in the context of professional education; identify the various components of knowledge, the principles of its deployment, design and organization for the development of stages of its reproduction;
ОN2 independently systematize and classify the scientific literature using modern educational and information technologies, use the necessary new knowledge when changing both socio-economic conditions and personal life circumstances (lifelong education) in order to quickly adapt to the chosen field of activity and subsequent successful professional career;
ОN3 to determine the priorities of scientific and research activities with the correlation of their own interests and social and ethical values, as well as the interests of the team in the communicative sphere, the ability to fluently master the language parameters of professional competence;
ОN4 apply professional and practical skills in scientific and pedagogical activity, use modern information technologies for searching, storing, processing and transmitting new scientific and technical information;
ОN5 use the skills of analysis and writing of scientific articles, theses and reports; to discuss problems arising in difficult and unpredictable situations, to have the ability to self-sustain professional development; be able to present the results in the form of reports, publications, reports;
ОN6 apply the norms and requirements of product standards, services and processes to ensure the safety of products, services and processes in the Republic of Kazakhstan, to ensure compliance with the rules of the state system of technical regulation at all levels;
ОN7 apply the skills to develop regulatory and technical documentation, organize the analysis and development of standards harmonized with technical regulations, formulate a plan for the development of technical regulations and standards, develop and establish procedures for labeling products;
ОN8 apply international standards at the national level in various promising areas of the national economy, such as nanotechnology, alternative energy, thermal power, etc., to remove technical barriers to trade;
ОN9 to carry out work on the standardization of organizational and technological measures of production, ensuring effective productivity of the enterprise, using numerical methods and computer modeling to find the optimal parameters of the production process; monitor the status and manage at all stages of the product life cycle;
ОN10 use highly efficient resource-saving technologies, conduct environmental monitoring of the enterprise to implement plans and measures for nature conservation, rational use of natural resources, environmental improvement, compliance with environmental legislation requirements and environmental quality standards in accordance with international standards;
ОN11 be able to develop and implement an integrated enterprise management system based on the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 using the principles of the process and system approach; use statistical methods to improve the quality of products and processes;
ОN12 to maintain an effective quality management system of the enterprise, to ensure interaction and interconnection of processes; to systematically measure and analyze the activities of the enterprise; to take measures necessary to achieve the planned results and continuous improvement of processes.
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