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Innovational Management


High School of Economics and Business

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Economic Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
Upon completion of this educational program, it is expected that the undergraduate will be able to:

to publish scientific articles, reports presenting the results of research into the practice of innovative entrepreneurship, applied research and engineering, experimental and developmental works aimed at creating new technologies, providing new quality products, services, new quality educational technologies for future specialists , to ensure the competitiveness of enterprises and the economy;
to ensure the promotion of green growth principles through the cooperation of innovative companies in the public and private sectors, international organizations in the direction of developing a green economy, transferring green technologies, introducing green standards, principles of environmental responsibility, educating ecological culture, psychology of healthy lifestyle, meeting environmental requirements legislation for sustainable economic growth;
to ensure the operation of technology parks, business incubators, commercialization offices, through the application of legal regulation of innovative entrepreneurship, forms of state support of innovations, organization of protection of rights appraisal of intellectual property, patenting, commercialization, financing of innovative projects, establishing links between scientific and educational departments with production and venture companies for the development of innovative entrepreneurship, the implementation of state innovation policy;
to ensure the functioning of an innovative company through the application of methods, tools of modern innovation management, defining the company's innovative business model, strategic positioning of the company in the market, applying cost management methods, emotional intelligence management and personnel management psychology, quality, risks, providing income for creating customer value, appropriating parts of it in the form of a firm’s profit;
to ensure the promotion of innovation to the market through the use of relationship marketing, value co-creation, horizontal and vertical methods of promoting innovation, the method of partnership and cooperation, technology transfer, developing a market launch strategy, positioning innovation in the market; determine the quality of the product and service for the preparation of a successful entry of the product into the innovation market;
to commercialize intellectual property by evaluating and ensuring the protection of intellectual property on the basis of international patent law, developing a patent and licensing policy of the company, evaluating the commercial value of new products and technologies at an early stage of the project of selling licenses, patents, creating a joint venture, for making profit in accordance with innovative business model of the company;
to create startups, through the organization, pre-seed stage of the project; justify the idea by studying the target audience;organization of the sowing stage, forming a team, business concept; develop a business plan, making a technical task, a prototype, analyzing cases; apply the concept of a minimally viable product, testing methods, alpha version, beta version, open beta testing to go to launch a startup;
to launch startups through project promotion, settling legal aspects, registering a brand, attracting investors, creating a scheme of cooperation between developers and investors to finance startups as part of government innovation development programs, venture financing by business angels, venture funds, developing an effective business model for venture business to achieve a start-up state generating sustainable income;
to ensure the implementation of the stage of growth and expansion of a startup by working out business processes and strengthening market positions; organize the stage of exit from a startup by reselling the company, placing the brand’s shares on the stock exchange, searching for a strategic investor with «long» money, organizing an IPO to realize the successful commercialization of innovation;

to ensure the introduction of organizational and managerial innovations as a targeted change in the management system, management process technologies, analysis of cases and the introduction of new personnel management methods, the development of competencies, ensuring the psychological readiness of staff to participate in the implementation of an organizational change program, the introduction of quality management principles, international quality standards for increase the competitiveness of the enterprise;
to ensure the introduction of product innovations through the improvement of services, mastering fundamentally new services by adding new functions and characteristics, ensure the introduction of process innovations by adopting technologically new or significantly improved production methods, highlight specific risks, assess their impact on the development and innovation processes to improve the competitiveness of enterprises;
to show creativity, innovative thinking in the process of finding ideas for innovation, creating start-ups and implementing start-ups when choosing an innovative business model and organizing innovative entrepreneurship, developing a system of personnel motivation for an innovative company, identifying and neutralizing risks, organizing an educational process of training specialists for ensuring the effectiveness of innovative entrepreneurship;
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