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Materials science and technology of new materials


of Physics and Technology

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Upon completion of this program, it is expected that undergraduates will be able to:
1. To systematize the basic scientific information on objects, technologies and strategies of conducting scientific researches on the basis of deep General engineering knowledge in the field of materials science and technology of new materials;
2. Critically evaluate and interpret the latest advances in theory and practice in engineering and engineering;
3. To solve technological problems in new and unfamiliar contexts by methods of research, analysis, diagnostics and modeling of the properties of substances and materials;
4. To predict conditions and optimization of technological processes of production of the necessary quality by means of integration of interdisciplinary knowledge;
5. To formulate the main problems in the field of materials science and technology of new materials, to choose methods and means of their solution;
6. To design production on receiving the finished products conforming to GOST;
7. To apply modern technologies of materials properties management aimed at changing their structure to solve the problems of creating new pilot plants, devices and apparatuses;
8. Use modern information and communication technologies, global information resources in research and computational and analytical activities in materials science and technology of new materials;
9. To develop schemes of modern technological processes of production, processing of materials and products from them, control systems of technological processes;
10. Execute design and working technical documentation in accordance with regulatory documents;
11. Plan and carry out comprehensive research and testing in the study of materials and products, their production processes, processing and modification, generate new ideas.
12. Be capable of reflection, objective assessment of their achievements, and awareness of the need for the formation of new competencies.
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