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Physical Culture and Sport


Faculty of Medicine and Health

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Рedagogical Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
Upon completion of this program, it is expected that masters will be able to:
ON1. explain the pedagogical, psychological foundations of work in higher education in physical culture and sport, and on the rights of teachers and students in higher education.
ON2. manage the process of sports improvement, training involved in FC and C, competitive activities (plan, simulate training, conduct comprehensive monitoring of training, correct it);
ON3. use innovative and interactive technologies of training in the "Physical Culture and Sport" and selected specialization in the management of the training process and the preparation of highly qualified athletes in sports; adapt sports specialization to professional-applied physical training
ON4. possess professional pedagogical skills: on the organization and conduct of training sessions; on the development of software and methodological documentation; on the method of teaching and teaching the chosen type;
ON5. draw up teaching and methodological, scientific and methodological documentation on planning training loads and training sessions on FC and C, drawing up lectures, analyzing methodical, practical, training classes and competitions in high school during bachelor's studies and in high-performance sports
ON6. choose the priorities of educational and research activities, to correlate their own interests with social and ethical values, as well as with the interests of the team in the communicative sphere, fluently speaking in the language parameters of professional competence;
ON7. to carry out organizational, managerial and methodical activities in educational, scientific and sports departments of institutions and enterprises in physical culture and sports; in the highest levels of government with different forms of ownership .;
ON8. work in a scientific team, carry out communications in scientific and professional activities, capable of self-improvement and self-development for a successful career
ON9. to pose scientific problems and successfully creatively implement complex solutions of complex, professional tasks using modern scientific research methods;
ON10. to identify the effects of physical exercises of different intensity and focus on the body in persons of different sexes and the level of athletic qualifications and use them when planning training sessions in physical culture in high school and national teams in preparing for competitions;
ON11. possess a wide range of knowledge on modern means and methods of managing functional fitness as the biological basis of physical and sports training, physical health, engaged in physical culture and sports;
ON12. possess the skills of research and scientifically-methodical activities related to the conduct of scientific research as a researcher at the laboratory and scientific research institutes in the field of physical culture, rehabilitation, trainer for the scientific support of top-performance sports activities, university lecturers, and doctoral studies
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  Data for 2017-2020 years
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