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Translation (Western Lang.)


Faculty of Philology and World Languages

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
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  • Professional
ON1 to teach translation as an academic discipline; to analyze the modern methodology of translation theory and practice; to use the basic didactic principles of teaching translation; to classify the translatology of the text; to differentiate the translateme as a unit of translation,
ON 2 conduct independent research in the field of translation theory using modern methods of scientific research; translation transformations in the analysis of the translation process and its results;
- ON 3 to evaluate different directions of translation theories; to transform knowledge of translation theory and practice for solving research problems, to solve scientific problems in the field of translation and literary comparative studies: systematization of scientific information, development of skills of their effective use for solving professional problems.

ON4 to analyze and apply modern trends in translation studies, to creatively evaluate and generalize different directions in the theory and methods of translation, to use all types of translation as a mediator in cross-language and intercultural communication;
ON5 to synthesize methods to optimize the process of teaching translation; to develop guidelines and manuals for practical training, to integrate and use innovative methods of teaching translation techniques and the acquisition of the necessary translation and language skills.
ON6 to synthesize current trends of translation theories to generate certain types of translation, to discuss the invariant in translation;
ON7 to evaluate the basic models of translation and the theory of equivalence levels in Transplantology, to substantiate the theoretical translation universals;
ON8 to discuss the theoretical problems of the translation process, i.e. procedural Transplantology, to justify the stages of the translation process, to theorize interference in translation;
ON9 compare historical concepts and universal models of translation equivalence, critically evaluate translation strategies and translation results;
ON10 to translate literary text of different literary genres on the basis of literary and translation analysis, to generate theoretical and practical aspects of literary translation and literary comparative studies; to review the interpretation and translation of literary text; to carry out literary translation in compliance with lexical, grammatical, syntactic and stylistic norms, to obtain an equivalent literary translation
ON11 edit the translated text of scientific and fiction literature using comparative methods, critically evaluate the translated text, compare and evaluate the source text of the original and translated text; explain the causes of translation errors, to justify the normative aspects of the translation (ed.)
ON12 to demonstrate skills related to work in an interdisciplinary team and a multinational multicultural team, affecting the processes of social, cultural, scientific and professional cooperation, taking into account intercultural communication in foreign scientific and educational spheres, defending their positions in discussions in a foreign language
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