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Сorporate law



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Upon completion of this program, it is expected that students will be able to:
ON1. to demonstrate the ability to apply norms regulating civil and legal relations, and to possess the fundamental knowledge necessary to carry out their professional skills in any business environment, required from qualified specialists in a market economy.
ON2. to develop guidelines to create internal corporate documents and agreements, to organize expert-consulting activity consisting from the preparation of conclusions on normative acts and their interpretation, to give qualified legal conclusions.
ON3. to integrate knowledge, arguing the pre-trial procedure for resolving corporate disputes aimed at resolving disputes that have arisen without the intervention of the judicial authorities, qualified drafting of claims and other written notifications allowing to resolve the conflict without going to court.
ON4. to interpret the norms of national and international law in the sphere of corporate management by the proper application of international law in the resolution of disputes involving corporations; to provide the knowledge of the state and law, their social mission, objectives, functions and role in the historical development; to form the professional legal thinking of the future lawyers.
ON5. to analyze the activities of corporations - business entities in the field of antitrust regulation in various sectors of the market economy; to develop amendments and additions to the current antitrust legislation aimed at improving relations in this area on the basis of the conducted analysis .
ON6. to manage personnel records management and personnel by automating the functions of maintaining personnel records in terms of ensuring personal accounting and completeness of information about employees, taking into account the current standards of the state labor legislation; automate planning and staffing systems;
ON7. to integrate interdisciplinary knowledge in corporate relations by considering a common problem or object of study in individual disciplines in various aspects or on the basis of different disciplinary approaches; it is necessary to determine the field of common problems and on the basis of a comparative analysis to synthesize a multidimensional vision of the problem and an integrated approach to its solution.
ON8. to build a phased implementation of state programs in the activities of the corporation in various branches of law aimed at accelerating the pace of economic development of the republic and improving the quality of life of the population through the use of new technologies .
ON9. to organize social and labor protection for employees of corporations, which should be completed in the social model of society aimed at improving social and labor relations, maintaining social stability in the workforce and the surrounding community, the development of social activities at both the national and international levels.
ON10. to calculate and evaluate entrepreneurial risks in the development and implementation of innovative projects, which consist of a number of elements specific to innovative projects implemented in the environment of a particular economic entity, and risks typical of traditional business processes.
ON11. to organize the participation of corporations in competitive obligations arising on the basis of tenders (tender, auction), through which the mutual relations of the parties are settled; identify similarities and differences between different types of tender commitments.
ON12. to improve in personal and professional growth and promote the development of a corporation and society, awillingness to continually improve the educational level, the need to update and realize their personal potential, the ability to independently acquire new knowledge and skills, the ability to self-development .
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