General information

Educational work of advisors and faculty chair of the World history, Historiography and Source are closely linked with the main aim of the strategy executions, which involves the formation of broadly educated person with a solid civil position.

5 teachers of the chair are advisors student study groups, including Shokatova A.K. is a senior faculty adviser, Associate Shamshidenova F.M. a – an adviser of PhD. Advisors separate training groups are teachers of the chair - docents Miymanbaeva F.N. - IP-01 p., Kartabaeva E.T, Muhazhanova T.N., teacher Shokatova A.K.

According to the work plan drawn up by the chair of the World history, Historiography and Source Advisors conduct educational work with students on improving their academic performance, discipline, attendance, involving them in the social life of the University.

Work plans drawn up in accordance with academic advisors university policy and the position of adviser. The main strategic objective of advisors currently has intensification of propaganda among the students of traditional moral values, tolerance, healthy living, environmental awareness, attractive models of behavior form a healthy moral atmosphere, based on the high culture of interpersonal relationships, tolerance, mutual and corporate solidarity.

During the advisory activities of advisors the following organizational and educational activities: a collection of groups, celebration of Republic Day (10.24.2008), the thematic discussion on the Independence Day of Kazakhstan (15.12.2008), etc. These activities designed to build the students' sense of patriotism, love and knowledge of the past of our country.

In accordance with the development strategy of the University faculty participation in public life involves the systematic strengthening of the image of leaders, faculty and staff of the University as a highly skilled, mobile and creatively active people, and maintaining and strengthening the systematic understanding of the system of teaching in the university as a classic, versatile, innovative, providing comprehensive training mobile, intelligent and creatively active frames. In 2010, associate professor in the exit Kartabaeva E.T.Commission conducted professional work in Zhambyl region. In 2011, Professor Kokebaeva G.K. as chairman of the committee participated in the "Olympics of al-Farabi" in Astana, also the subject of the Republican Olympiad among students in the treasury.

The Head of the Chair prof. K.T. Zhumagulov, professors of World History, Historiography and Source Mashimbaev S.M., Atabayev K.M, Kokebaeva G.K., Tolebaev T.A., Mukhatova O.Kh., Asylbekova Zh.M. and docents as Myrzabekova R.S., Shamshidenova F.M, Kartabaeva E.T, Miymanbaeva F.N., Bedelova G,S, Alpysbaeva N.K., Sabdenova G.E., Zhakupova G.T., Muhazhanova T.N., Sadykova big attention to work with the students.