Educational Methodogical Activity

General information


The general linguistics chair provides teaching of various educational sections of the theory of the language having generalizing methodological character, comprehending global for formation of linguistic thinking, language and analogs of language, languages and language contacts, preservation of communicative suitability of language,semiseological character of language and its units and other.

The chair provides also reading of all общелингвистических courses for all specialities of philological faculty and oriental studies faculty, and also conducting Latin language at historical and biological faculties.
Methodological character of the theory of language has caused not only spheres of research interests of the faculty of chair, but also the case and the maintenance of the general and special disciplines, which nomenclature "the Applied linguistics" has considerably grown in connection with opening at faculty of new specialities "Linguistics", etc.


In 2002 July 29 was founded chair of foreign philology.The chair was opened at philology faculty of Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi teaches the faculties of philology and journalism. Specialists of high quality, candidates of sciences, associate professors work at the chair. The head of the chair is the candidate of philological science, associate professor R.M.Taeva, candidates of philological science, associate professors are Sh.B.Argyngazina, T.T.Zharasova, A.K.Sadykova, candidate of pedagogical science, associate professor G.K.Mustafina; candidate of philological science, senior teachers I.G.Orazbekova, L.A.Turumbetova, senior teachers B.N.Torekhanova, D.Kh.Eskaraeva, A.A.Kamzina, N.U.Grebenshikova, N.P.Shanina, S.S.Nikambaeva, Kh.T.Nugyshmanova, Sh.M.Makataeva, T.O.Konyrbekova, N.P.Saparkhodzhaeva, A.Zh.Aksholakova; teachers V.B.Shakenova, T.A.Merkibaev, A.Zh.Zhaparova, K.K.Kenzhekhanova, Sh.A.Ospankulova, Zh.A.Zhumashova.