General Information

High quality level of education is approved by students’ great potential of skills. Bachelor and Master Programs are in step with the leading educational systems of the world. It helps to convert and recognize Diplomas easily. Scientists of the Faculty have developed normative and scientific-methodological basis for Master Program. Currently Faculty train specialist, which are in great demand on the market. There are international students at the Faculty from 19 countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.
International relations is the priority for Journalism Faculty. Scientists of the Faculty take part in conferences in USA, Germany, Turkey China and other countries. Faculty has strong relationship with Oklahoma State University, Columbia University, Duke University (USA), University of Queensland (Australia), Asian-Pacific Institute of Broadcasting (Malaysia), M.V. Lomonosov MSU Journalism Faculty, RGGU (Russia) etc. Since 1995 more than 15 teachers of the Faculty visited Oklahoma State University. There is an academic exchange with teachers and students of foreign universities. Negotiation underway about mutual recognized Master Diplomas with MSU Journalism Faculty.