International Projects and Researches


In July, 2009 on the basis of sports camp of KazNU after al-Farabi on Issyk-Kul the chair held the International Summer school of journalism. Students and employees of mass media took part in it, communication, PR and advertizing agencies, researchers, teachers, post-graduate students and the students of older years studying journalism and mass communication. Lectures, seminars, trainings and round tables were held by leading teachers RSHU and professionals of mass-media and PR of Russia: the professor, the doctor of political sciences L.F. Adilova, the professor, the doctor of sociological sciences N.R. Malikova, post-graduate student E.A. Irsetskaya with support of the rector RSHU, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, professor E.I. Pivovar.

In December, 2010 the learning-methodical seminar on educational by technologies in media and PR foreign scientists, among which is held: Charles Tagl, David Kapp – Northern Carolina, the USA, Charlz Fedullo – Alaska, the USA, Rafis Abaz – the Colombian university, the USA, Florian Topfl – Germany.

In April, 2009 joint release of the newspaper «Journalist» by faculties of journalism of KazNU after al-Farabi and faculty of journalism of the Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov in honor of the 75 anniversary of the Kazakh national university, directed on the further strengthening of interuniversity communications is prepared.

In June, 2010 the university was visited by the teacher of chair of public relations of faculty of mass communications and journalism of the State university of the State of Kansas, the curator of the Russian-speaking panel of National communicative association (NCA) the United States of America «Erecting bridges» Sergey Samoylenko. He is an author of many scientific works on communication management, reviewer Oxford University Press. The course «New rules PR and marketing in anti-recessionary management» for professionals has been organized, also Sergey Samoylenko has thoroughly familiarized with programs of preparation of students on speciality PR in a bachelor degree, has offered the vision of development of this process.