Chair of Physical Training and Sport

The address of the department; Al-Farabi Ave., 71, sports complex

Phone; 8 (727) 2211370, ext: 13-70

The history of the Department of Physical Education and Sports started in January 1934. In 1948 an independent university department of physical education and sports was created at the university. The main goal is the formation of healthy lifestyle, the restoration and strengthening of health, the improvement of the functional state, the mastering of professional and applied skills that students need in their daily life, school and work. 

Training of physical culture at the university is carried out by the Department of Physical Education and Sports in the period from 2005-2015 on the basis of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, since January 2016 on the basis of the Medical Faculty of the Higher School of Public Health. In the period from 1990 to February 2016, the department was headed by Professor, Honored Trainer of the USSR Areshchenko A.I., from 2016 to September 2021, Candidate of Economic Sciences Dilmakhanbetov E.K., from 2021 to the present, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Iskakova A.D. Educational process is carried out by professors, doctors and candidates of sciences, honored coaches, masters of sports and candidates for master of sports. 

General, professional and special professional training of students, undergraduates and doctoral students of the specialty "Physical Culture and Sports" is provided by the Departments: Physical Education and Sports; epidemiology and hygiene (medical faculty- Graduate School of Public Health), biotechnology; biophysics and biomedicine (Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology), as well as the Department of Pedagogy and Educational Management; general and applied psychology (Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science). 

The mission of the department: providing high quality training of specialists in demand in the field of physical culture and sports, capable of raising the level of socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the health of the nation.

Strategic objectives of the department:

1. Increasing the competitiveness of graduates of the department in the labor market

2. Increasing the contribution of the department in solving problems in the strategy of the university.

3. Participation in the development of program and regulatory documents of the university, city, regional level in the field of physical culture and sports.

4. Increasing the involvement of university students and teachers in a healthy lifestyle and mass sports.

Training of specialists at the department is carried out according to the educational programs "6B01401-Physical culture and sport" (introduced in 2005), "7M01401-Physical culture and sport" (introduced in 2010), "8D01401-Physical culture and sport" (introduced in 2015 year). In 2021, the following new educational programs have been developed: "7M04138 (EMBA) Business Administration in Sports", "7M04137 (MBA) Business Administration in Sports", "8D04115(DBA) Business Administration in Sports".

The total number of students is 280, including: bachelors - 270, masters - 6, doctoral students - 4. The number of active student-athletes - 175, of which Honored Masters of Sports - 2, masters of sports of international class - 19, masters of sports - 75, candidates for master of sports - 79.

Foreign students from China, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan study under the educational program "6B01401-Physical Culture and Sports".

In its activity the department is guided by the al-Farabi, KazNU Academic Policy and the State general educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Educational programs are accredited by the international agency ACQUIN.


Senior teacher of chairman

Candidate of economic sciences

Dilmahanbetov Yermek Kirgizbayevich

Мо +7 702 777 99 06, + 7 727 2211374, int.: 31-74


Deputy chairing department

Candidate of pedagogical sciences,


Associate professor

 Мadiyeva Galiya Bayanzhanovna 

Мо +7 777 365 74 02, + 7 727 2211371, int.: 13-71


Deputy chairing department, мagistr,

Senior teacher

Kamysbaeva Dzhanar Kalabayevna

Мо +7 747 682 14 36, + 7 727 2211370, int.: 13-70


Doctor of pedagogical sciences,


Аlimkhanov Еlemes

 Мо +7 777 214 12 00, + 7 727 2213171, int.: 31-71



Candidate of pedagogical sciences,


 Оngarbayeva Damet Turalbayevna 

Мо +7 777 300 28 05, + 7 727 2213171, int.: 31-71


Candidate of pedagogical sciences,


 Мyrzayev  Меleksha Оsmanovich 

Мо +7 701 780 79 97, + 7 727 2213171, int.: 31-71


Candidate of pedagogical sciences,


Shepetiuk Natalya Mikhailovna

Мо +7 747 839 70 82, + 7 727 2213172, int.: 31-72



Sabyrbek Zhanna Bekbolatkyzy

Мо +7 701 342 68 68, + 7 727 2213171, int.: 31-71


Senior teacher

Baizakova Nurzhamal Ospanovna

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Senior teacher

 Маrtynenko Irina Ivanovna 

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Senior teacher

 Оtaraly Svetlana Zhubatyrkyzy 

Мо +7 701 187 10 34, + 7 727 2213171, int.: 31-71