General Information

International relations department of Chinese Studies in the past years has expanded and strengthened in many ways. Were signed bilateral agreement between the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and Shanghai , Lanzhou , Xinjiang University of China. Agreement with the University Lanzhouskim program allows for the joint training of bachelors in " Chinese " (in the "2 +2 "). The Project of the Ministry of Education of China " Preparation of scientific and pedagogical staff to China in Central Asia" and teachers Abdraev N. Isaev received a grant to study at the doctoral PHD Xinjiang State University and Huadong University ( Shanghai) .

An increasing number of students in the student exchange program with universities in China, and only in recent years, more than 300 undergraduate and graduate students of the department of Chinese Studies held linguistic and scientific training in various universities of China .

Teachers of the department - the permanent members of all kinds of seminars on teaching Chinese language , organized by the Ministry of Education of China , the International Council for Chinese Language ( Hanban ) , refresher courses in universities of China. Became a permanent stay in the department of Chinese language teachers ( volunteers) from China.

Under the program MES 020-111 "Invitation to foreign specialists in KazNU " at the Department of Chinese Studies lectures as visiting professors : Zhao Huasheng - Professor of Fudan University , Ostrovsky A. - professor IFES RAS Olejnikov V. - Ph.D., Associate Professor at the University of Novosibirsk , Pan Zhiping - PhD, Professor, Director of the Institute of Central Asia to China , Wang Yuychion - Doctor PhD, Head of the Center of exchange with Kazakhstan Research Institute for Public Diplomacy at Shanghai University , Li Wei - Vice President of Shanghai University , VA Kurdiumov - PhD, Professor , Dean of the Faculty of the Moscow City Pedagogical University.

Consulate General of China in Almaty, the Confucius Institute at the Treasury work closely with the Department in conducting a variety of intellectual, cultural events. In particular , the Consulate General of China in Almaty for many years the PRC government provides grants to study in China for the winners of the Republican Olympiad on the Chinese language . Students of the department repeatedly won and the winners of the republican round of the International competition " Chinese Bridge ". With the support of the Consulate General of China in Almaty, the Confucius Institute updated book collection department monographs , dictionaries, textbooks and teaching materials .

Develop links with major Kazakh- Chinese companies China National Petroleum Corporation , the Bank of China in the Republic of Kazakhstan , " Asian Gas Pipeline " and others whose representatives lectures , participate in the formation of new educational programs, conducting field trips , sponsoring students from poor population.

Students and teachers of the department regularly attend various cultural events , exhibitions, a week of Chinese cinema , concerts Chinese masters of art , which were organized gene . Chinese Consulate in Almaty.

Expansion and strengthening of international relations with Chinese universities , research centers , government and business structures allow to improve the educational , scientific and educational activities of the department.