Social and educational activities


Doctoral degree 3 course Junisova Gulnar Erikovna undergoes scientific training at the European Institute of Applied Sciences and Management (Prague, Czech Republic)

25.04.2019 year


The department holds an international scientific and methodological conference on the theme "modernization of educational programs in order to improve the professional competencies of the future specialist

23.04.2019 year


Nauryz at KazNU

13.04.2019 year


Nurgalieva Kamila took the 3rd place in the XI Republican Subject Olympiad held by the Karaganda State University named after E.Buketov under the guidance of Prof. Sariya Baimukhanova

12.04.2019 year


Al-Farabi presents a project of innovative projects of student business in the framework of the International Conference "World of al-Farabi" at the Palace of Students named after O. Zholdasbekov, 2nd year students of the specialty "Accounting and Auditing" Nurgaliyev Yergali

11.04.2019 year


Sectional meeting of the Department of "Accounting and Auditing"

09.04.2019 year


In the framework of the VI International Farabi-readings dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi, the 70th anniversary of the Higher School of Economics and Business, "KAZAKHSTAN IN THE MULTIPLE WORLD: ECONOMIC SCENARIO "An international conference was held.



Today the School welcomes 26 top students from Al-Farabi Kazakh National Unversity, on a week-long knowledge exchange trip, to learn how to design and deliver cutting-edge research

02.04.2019 year


According to the plan of activities of the Alumni Association of the Higher School of Economics and Business, the department "Accounting and Auditing" invited graduate of 2013 Sarinova Ayim Yermekkyzy

26.03.2019 year


Kogut O. within the framework of the program of pedagogical practice "Ruhani zhangyru -look open curatorial hour

14.03.2019 года


Congratulations on the well deserved award in the field of accounting Sariya Baimukhanovna with awarding the title of doctor of economic Sciences!

22.02.2019 year


On February 7, 2019, a webinar on the project “Strengthening the integration of higher education by corporate sectors into a new social environment, ENINEDU" ERASMUS + ", was held with the participation of project partners from the EU, Russia and Kazakhstan.

07.02.2019 year


Students of the department "Accounting and Auditing" visited the theater named after M.Auezov

02.02.2019 year


3rd year students of the Department "Accounting and auditing" at the initiative of Arystanbaeva A. Z. is undergoing training to obtain a certificate of CAP.



Students of the Department" accounting and audit "took part in the opening ceremony of the President's Address" 2019 - the Year of youth " in the Palace of students .



In the framework of the project" Ainalandy nurlandyr "4th year students and undergraduates of the 2nd course of the Department" accounting and audit " visited the orphanage No. 1 and congratulated on the upcoming independence Day.

08.12.2018 year


Department of" accounting and auditing "held an international round table on the theme: "Culture of interethnic relations and the education of internationalism within the framework of the program of modernization of public consciousness (in the framework of the project" Ainalandy nurlandyr").

30.11.2018 year


the Department of "accounting and audit" of the Higher school of Economics and business of al-Farabi Kazakh national University held a round table on "Professional ethical education of specialists in the field of Economics in the framework of the program of modernization of public consciousness" (according to the project"Ainalandy nurlandyr").

22.11.2018 year


Senior lecturer of the Department" accounting and audit "Oksana Kogut Yurievna in the framework of the project ENINEDU" Enhancement of Higher Education and corporate Sectors Integrations in Accordance with New Social Environment "in Athens (Greece) took part in a seminar on" the Study of the experience of cooperation between EU universities and business universities and its implementation in the educational process."

04.11-19.11.2018 year


To the Treasury.Al-Farabi in the framework of the theme "Rouhani gear-look into the future" Curator - adviser of B. Sultanov, organized by the 1st year students B and " accounting and audit»

09.10.2018 year


to the Treasury.Al-Farabi in the framework of the project "Ainalandy nurlandyr" was held an open festive event "8 Arip". Organizer-lecturer in" accounting and auditing " Kishibaev B. S. and 1st year students.

28.04.2018 year

to the Treasury.Al-Farabi in the order of unity and cohesion of our country teacher of the Department "accounting and audit" Kishibaev B. S. and curatorial team of the 2nd course for the Day" may 1-unity "in the Department, the faculty and the national level event was held" Yntymagy zharaskan Theless ate - Kazakstan".

 25.04.2018 year

Teachers of the Department Sultanova B. B. and dzhakisheva U. P. On the program of 100 books F. B. Event dedicated to the book of Nursultan Nazarbayev" Tauelsizdik tugyry"

13.02.2018 year

Lecturer Akimbaeva K. T.'s main event "Eli his Eli his Elbasy" dedicated to the "Day of the First President"

30.11.2017 year

Senior lecturer of the Department O. Yu. Kogut at the time of reporting on international practice

8.12.2017 year  


Professor of the Department Baimukhanova S. B. home held a festive event" El basy - El agasy"

29.12.2017  year


Student of the Department "accounting and Audit" Bayan Erik at the ceremony of awarding athletes rector

30.11.2017 year


Concert program dedicated to the teacher's Day

10.10.2016 year


Interdisciplinary competition in macroeconomics

16.10.2016 year


Event dedicated to the peoples ' friendship Day

25.10.2016 year


During the planting of trees in the courtyard of the hostel, 2nd year students with the curator of the group

26.04.2017 year


Light the fire of the Universiade, 2nd year students with the group leader

24.01.2017 year

  Events dedicated to the day of accountant

07.10.2017 year