Center of innovation competence in accountants, audit and analyze

                                                                Accountants certification - the dictates of time

The center was established on 28 January 2012.

«Center of innovative competencies in accounting, audit and analysis» at the Department of Finance and accounting  of the Higher school of Economics and business of Al-Farabi KazNU carries out innovative activities in the educational sphere. The center invites students and faculty wishing to attend the following courses:

  • Computerization of accounting. The center has a computer laboratory «1C: Accounting 8.3».

  • «From basics to balance», for future entrepreneurs.

  • «Financial accounting 1», to prepare for the qualification exams of the RAA (it is possible to pass the exams and get a certificate as a student).

  • «Management accounting 1», to prepare for the qualification exams of ATS.

  • «Practical application of IFRS» to review changes in international financial reporting standards (e.g. IFRS 16 "leases").



    Courses are conducted by qualified teachers with extensive experience in teaching and practical work, certificates «Рrofessional accountant of Kazakhstan», international qualification of ATS (Certified accountant-practitioner).


    As a result, you will have:

  • Knowledge and skills in relevant areas;

  • A certificate with the appropriate course;

  • The opportunity to take University exams qualificazione (SAR);

  • Consultation and further support after completion of the course.


    Recognition certificate of 30 professional organizations from 11 countries gives an opportunity to work all over the world. Today, students had the opportunity to become more popular on the market immediately after graduation of the Institute, without interrupting the process of learning. Anyone can undergo training and pass an exam to obtain a certificate of SAR - certified accounting practitioner-international Certification program CIPA.

    CAP qualification confirms possession candidate basic knowledge of the fundamental principles and practices of accounting. To this end, a candidate must pass the following examinations with a score of at least 75:

    Financial Accounting 1
    Managerial Accounting 1
    • Taxes (in accordance with national legislation)
    • The right (in accordance with national legislation)


    CAP specialist knows how to cook the standard financial reports based on IFRS. CAP can also manage the internal accounting system and analyze financial statements and provide information about the profit and loss account of the company. In addition, CAP can work with internal budgets and prepare tax returns of the company.