Higher school of business and economics

Dear friends, we are glad to welcome you to the Higher School of Economics and Business! Higher School of Economics and Business Al-Farabi Kazakh National Universityis:
historically the first and largest forge of highly qualified economists in Kazakhstan, opened in 1949, and served as the basis for the creation of the Alma-Ata Institute of National Economy in 1963;
annually graduating 500 bachelors, masters and PhDs in economics and business, management and marketing, finance and accounting;
a team of highly professional teachers, numbering 20 doctors of science, 45 candidates of science, 10 PhD;
combination of classical university traditions with modern teaching technologies; 
involvement of students in scientific research, scientific continuity and scientific schools, developing in close cooperation with the Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
Alma-mater of many outstanding Kazakh scientists, statesmen, well-known businessmen, rectors, athletes who are proud of the country;
interesting, vibrant and eventful student life and a comfortable student campus;
ongoing international projects and international network education.