At the Forefront of Pandemic Fight


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In the difficult period for the whole country, more than 50 undergraduates and doctoral students of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Care of Al-Farabi KazNU, who hold a doctor’s certificate, areat the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. By working in hospitals that accept infected and contact people, they help defeat the deadly virus.

Teachers of all Clinical Departments of the Faculty of Medicine, by performing their professional duty, have been treating patients and fighting for their life and health. Currently, infectious disease specialists, pulmonologists and resuscitation experts have been working 24-hours at medical institutions in Almaty. Epidemiologists are involved in roadblocks and quarantine places that are cordoned off, they are also involved in the transportation of patients and contact persons.

In addition, 20 interns work as volunteers at KazNU’s Medical Diagnostic Center and City Hospital No. 1, where a pharmacist hospital for contact patients with 400 beds has been deployed for the quarantine period.

Teachers of the Department of Politics and Health Organization did not stand aside. They promptly initiated the sewing of reusable masks, collected special packages with disinfectants and protective equipment, and handed it over to their colleagues and students.