International Symposium «Pioneers of Science and Technology in Eurasia»


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Al-Farabi KazNU and Istanbul University jointly hold the ІІІ International Symposium «Pioneers of Science and Technology in Eurasia», which began its work at the Center for Eurasian Applied and Scientific Research of Farabi (FAMER) in Istanbul. 

The Forum is attended by more than 80 scientists and experts from Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Russia, South Korea and India.

At the opening ceremony of the Symposium, Rector of Istanbul University, Professor Mahmut Ak, Director of FAMER Abdullah Kyzyljik made a welcoming speech. At the plenary meeting, presentations were made by the representative of the Turkish Foundation for World Studies Ibrahim Akysh, Dean of the Faculty of Literature of Istanbul University, Professor Hayati Develi, a member of the National Delegation of the Council of Europe in Turkey Fatima Gencha and others.

The three-day Forum program includes a plenary session, the work of special sections and round tables on the development of historical and philological science of the Eurasian space, a visit to the Center for the Culture of Turkic peoples, historical and cultural sites of Istanbul.

Within the framework of the Symposium, the organizers hold two major events with the participation of scientists from KazNU. Annual Amanzholov Readings in honor of the 85th anniversary of the famous scientist Sarsen Amanzholov, which is organized by his student, academic of the Department of Modern Turkic Languages of the Istanbul University Oraz Sapashev. There will also be held a round table «Orta Asia Tarihi Zertteulerі» under the guidance of the Dean of the Faculty of History of KazNU, Professor Mendigul Nogaybayeva, with the participation of well-known foreign and Kazakh scientists.

«From year to year, the geography of countries and the composition of the symposium participants are expanding. Next year, in partnership with KazNU, we plan to hold it with the participation of more than 100 representatives of the scientific community from different countries and dedicate it to the 1150th anniversary of the great Turkic thinker Abu Nasyr Al-Farabi», - said Director of the FAMER Abdullah Kyzyljik.

The First Symposium «The Turkic World in the Context of Islam» was held in July 2017 in the framework of the fundamental project study «Religious Identification of the Türks in a Globalizing Society». The Second Symposium «Oriental and Turkic Studies of Eurasia» was held last summer. This year, the international event is dedicated to the memory of a major Turkish orientalist, Professor Fuat Sezgin.