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Partnership of the faculty with foreign scientific organizations and centers

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Research Laboratory "Customary Law" (Dagestan, Russia)


Head - Ismailov Magomedsagid Abdulmuslimovich

Doctor of Law , Professor,

Conducting joint research on customary law with the department in the field of theory of the history of state and law "Customary Law of the Peoples of the Caucasus and Kazakhstan"

Private educational institution "Center for Continuing Education" Snail "

Director Natskevich Yulia Alexandrovna,

joint activities in the implementation of research, educational, methodological, publishing projects, cooperation in the field of new educational programs of an innovative nature, the exchange of experience on the issues of their application and implementation in practical activities

Belarus State University

Ph.D., associate professor Shmigirilova Larisa Nikolaevna

Exchange of students and undergraduates

Kyrgyz State Law Academy under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic

Doctor of Law, Professor Rysmendeev Baktybek Dzhenishbekovich

Exchange of students and undergraduates. Joint research activities

Department of Legal Support for Market Economics, Novosibirsk State University (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)

Lisitsa Valery Nikolaevich - Doctor of Law, Associate Professor

Law Institute of the South Ural State Research University (Chelyabinsk. Russian Federation)

Shafikova Galiya Hannanovna , Candidate of Law , Associate Professor, Head. Department of Labor, Social Law and Jurisprudence.

Law Institute of the State University of Pyatigorsk ( g . Pyatigorsk, Russian Federation)

Tkhabisimova Lyudmila Aslanovna , Doctor of Law , Professor, Deputy Director for Research.

Dagestan State University of National Economy (Makhachkala, Russian Federation)

Dalgatova Aida Osmangadzhievna , Candidate of Law , Associate Professor, Head of the Department of State Law Disciplines

Educational Institution of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus "International University" MITSO "(Minsk, Republic of Belarus)

Komotskaya Irina Alekseevna, Candidate of Law , Head of the Research Unit;

Tomashevsky Kirill Leonidovich, Doctor of Law , Professor, Head. Department of Labor and Commercial Law.

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Florida State University , Tallahassee, United States

Kevin Michael Beaver , Professor, PhD , participant in the project “ Victimological policy of the state and the protection of victims of crime ” AR05135833

Riga Technical University (Republic of Latvia)

Aivars Vilnis Krastins , Doctor of Economics , Professor, Director of the Institute of Customs and International Business, cooperation in the field of customs and bringing training of customs officers in accordance with the requirements of the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the EU.

BOMCA - EU organization

Aivars Vilnis Krastins , Doctor of Economics , Professor, Director of the Institute of Customs and International Business

cooperation on the unification of international standards, the training of customs officers in the European and Asian region

Abo Akademi , Finland

Reikinen Maria, PhD

PhD guide , research in the field of legal regulation of the status of socially vulnerable layers of the population

Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Law, Moscow

Salygin Evgeny Nikolaevich, Candidate of Law, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Law

Sofia University St. Clement Ohridski .

Emil Mingov , Doctor of Law , Professor, Head. Department of Labor and Occupational Law (labor and social law).

Eastern Institute of the University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design ( Wismar , Germany)

Hans-Joachim Schramm - Professor, Dr.

Andreas Steininger - Professor, Dr.

Partnership of the faculty with republican scientific organizations and centers



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Scientific Research Center

“Research on the problems of local government development ”

Head - Doctor of Law , Professor Baymakhanova D.M.

- study of the theoretical and constitutional legal foundations of local government ;

- analysis of the relationship with public administration in the light of the new Concept of development of local self-government ;

- assistance in solving the complex development of all elements of the local government system;

- analysis of the problems of decentralization of management, the granting of rights and the necessary resources for decision-making from the center to regional authorities;

- study of the problems of differentiation of responsibilities and authorities between central authorities, regional and local levels;

-  analysis of the problems of strengthening maslikhats as the central link of local self-government in financial, personnel and other matters;

- study of the problems of strengthening local executive bodies, empowering rural akims with additional powers, improving the quality of governance at the village and aul levels;

- analysis of issues of involving citizens in the process of making state decisions and their implementation, expanding citizen participation in issues of local importance;

- analysis of the problems of communication between maslikhats , akims, and other elements of the local government system with other civil society institutions in order to develop Kazakhstani patriotism, and to form a solid civil position among equal sections of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Promoting the development of international relations of local governments with foreign partners in order to exchange experiences.


2017 - 2020 



Research Institute " Anti-corruption Technologies "

Head - Ph.D. , professor Useinova K.R.

- Attraction of scientific, scientific and pedagogical workers, students, graduate students, applicants, doctoral students, practitioners, etc. to participate in activities aimed at combating corruption;         

- Development of specific innovative technologies (methods, tools and methods) used in anti-corruption activities.                      

- Ensuring the participation of faculty and students in the announced scientific grants and competitions and the preparation of tender documents for them;                      

- Attraction of additional and extra-budgetary financial resources;                      

- Development of basic scientific research;                      

- Development and implementation of educational programs aimed at the formation of anti-corruption consciousness and culture;                      

- The implementation of research and educational activities, the performance of work and the provision of services (advanced training courses, monitoring, development of recommendations, advisory activities, contractual topics, etc.)                      

- The study and synthesis of international legal experience in combating corruption;                      

- Implementation of cooperation with Kazakhstani and foreign partners on the activities of the Research Institute " Anti-corruption Technologies" ;            

- Organization of scientific and practical conferences and other events of a scientific nature ;                      

- Conducting legal, including anti-corruption , examination of regulatory legal acts;                      

- Preparation       monographs, articles, scientific and analytical materials, textbooks, teaching aids of anti-corruption orientation and their introduction into the educational process of educational institutions.                      




Center for Forensic Expertise, Almaty

The science


Cooperation Agreement dated March 13 , 2018 No. 1/17


Notary Chamber of Almaty region

Further education of notaries

1 year

No 3 on January 7, 2019


Chamber of Notaries of Shymkent

Further education of notaries

1 year

No 4 on March 4, 2019