The next meeting of the Students’ science club (SSC) "Historical Computing" at the Department of World History, Historiography and Source Studies of the Department of History, Archeology and Ethnology of al-Farabi Kazakh National university

At the meeting of the Students’ science club (SSC) "Historical Computing" was discussed the degree of relevance of the directions and methodological approaches to research chosen by members of the SSC.

First-year undergraduates of the specialty “IT Archiving and Record Keeping” spoke about the results of the problems of computer archeography that they co-authored and presented in a scientific article at an international conference.

Abrasilov N. and Tkanov A. reported on the image articles prepared for publication in the regional media.

Scientific adviser SNK, Doctor of History, Professor S.A. Zhakisheva gave a lecture on the methods of historical research, paying particular attention to the method of content analysis.