National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan with undergraduates of the Academy of Arts. Zhurgenov organized an event in honor of the Day of Librarians titled "My profession is my pride"

National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Masters of Natural Sciences in the Department of Arts. Zhurgenova organized by the librarian event was held in honor of the Day of Knowledge "My profession is my pride." Actor of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aikin Tolepbergen, actor Ayan Tulepbergen from the film "Zhau Zhurek Mousbala", as well as the dance ensemble "Tomiris" performed with some Kazakh instruments and heartily congratulated the librarians. Logic games were also held, 2 students of the specialty "Library Science" were active and received interesting books. The event was very interesting and intriguing.

  Purpose: libraries to spend their day at the highest level, understand the strength of the profession, increase their love for the youth profession