Slamiya Mauletbek

Slamiya Mauletbek, born in 1988, in 2008 entered the Kazakh National University. al-Farabi to the Faculty of Physics and Technology for the specialty "050605-Nuclear Physics", which he graduated in 2013. After graduation in the same year I enrolled for the first year of a master's degree in the Kazakh National University. al-Farabi to the Physics and Technology Faculty, to the Department of Plasma Physics and Computer Physics, specializing in "6M011000-Physics" and graduated in 2015.
The master successfully defended his master's thesis on the topic: "Obtaining nanoparticles in a gas discharge of a mixture of Ar / CH4. Experiment and methodological instructions. " He took part in the international conference ESCAMPIG-XXII (Greifswald, Germany, July 2014) and at the 14th Seminar on the Physics of Dusty Plasma (Auburn, Alabama, USA, May 2015). Also participated in the International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "FARABI ӘLEMI" (Almaty, April 2012 2013, 2014, 2015), according to the materials of the thesis, 5 scientific papers were published. He became the owner of the scholarship named after Academician of NAS RK F.Baimbetov. He was distinguished by a high level of responsibility and hard work.