Kangozhin Bekmukhambet

Kangozhin Bekmukhambet , a native of Omsk, graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute with a degree in High Voltage Engineering in 1977, an associate professor since 1997, and a professor since 2004. In 1991, the Dissertational Council of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute defended his thesis, and in 2004, his doctoral dissertation. He headed the departments at KazATT and the Kazakh University of Railways, gave lectures and conducted practical classes in the courses of the specialty Power. The head of the project for the commercialization of the results of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities on the topic "Software and hardware complex of operational blocking of switching devices for electrical safety and reliability of electricity supply", financed by the grant of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2017-2019) experience more than 40 years. Published 5 manuals, 1 monograph, more than 90 scientific articles and 15 teaching materials. Has 3 copyright certificates of the USSR and 3 patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Head of more than 60 completed research and design and survey work.