Tolemis Marlen

Tolemis Marlen graduated in 2008 from the bachelor's degree in Electrical Power Engineering and Automation of Technological Complexes of the Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I. Satpayev in specialty 050718 - "Power Engineering", and in 2010 he graduated from the same master's degree in "6M071800 -Electric Power Engineering". From 2010 to 2014 studied in PhD PhD in the specialty "6D071800 -Electric Power" in KazNTU them. K.I. Satpayev. Currently preparing to defend the thesis PhD. Tolemis M. has more than 15 scientific publications, including 4 innovative patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He takes part in scientific conferences and seminars. He passed a scientific internship at Lublin Polytechnic University (Lublin, Poland).