Awards and achievements of chair

Gulnara D. Kapanova

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PhD, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician of the MAIN (International Academy of Informatization).

Breastplate "Excellent Health", holder of the medal of Robert Koch (2011); The certificate of honor of Bostandyk rayon (Almaty) branch "Nur-Otan";

Higher medical category on the specialty "Public Health"; "Surgery".
At the Department of General Surgery, KazNMU organized the School of Diabetic Foot (2011); member of the working group for the development of standards for postgraduate education of an expert doctor; member of the working group on compiling test tasks on technology for the Committee for Quality Control of Medical and Pharmaceutical Activities; co-author of the monograph "Medical Education in KazNMU, based on the Competence Approach: Problems and Prospects" (2010). Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the "AGIUV Bulletin" (2012-2014), member of the Editorial Board of the "KMZh" (Kazakhstan Medical Journal) magazine (since 2016), member of the commission for awarding innovative projects on the road map of the 2020 akimat of Almaty on the biomedical direction (2013-2018).
Head of the section on education "The path to professional development" of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hannover, Germany).




Tel: +7 727 2211612,  internal phone: 1612,

Main scientific achievements:

123 scientific publications, including 5 monographs, 1 methodological guidelines, 4 methodological recommendations, 1 methodological guide, 3 educational guidelines, 2 Certificates of state registration of rights to the object of copyright, 3 articles in journals with impact factor.

Scientific guidance of the dissertation work of V. N. Yugay for the degree of candidate of medicine.Sciences (certificate of KKSON MES RK from 25.11.10 g.)

The opposition on the defense of the doctoral candidate (Sakibaev S. A., will Ablazin A., Nazirov N. And. Semenov Yu. M., M. V. Goremykina, Bayldinova K. J., Minbaeva R. H., Akilzhanova J. E., R. H. Minbaeva, etc.) and doctoral theses (Galich B. V., the A. S. Masadykov)

Member of the working group on developing Clinical protocols (standards) for healthy lifestyle development (2003-2006)

Author of standard and working training programs "Valeology", "Organizational bases of formation of a healthy lifestyle", "nurse on formation of a healthy lifestyle", "Management in nursing", "Organizational bases of nursing activity", "Actual issues of management of outpatient care", "Actual problems of management of health resources", "Selected issues of examination of quality of medical services".


Koshkimbaeva Sabira Abdumanapova

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Candidate of medical Sciences in the specialty 14.00.07 - "Hygiene" (PhD), associate Professor in the specialty 14.00.07 - "medicine" (associate Professor).
Studies and achievements. 1989-1995 student of the Kazakh branch of the sanitary-hygienic faculty of ASMI them.S. Zh. Asfendiyarov, Almaty. 1995-1998 full-time postgraduate study at the Institute of hygiene and occupational diseases of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Retraining in the specialty "Public health", 2013 (clinical epidemiology, medical statistics, teaching methods and valeology).

Research activity. Co-author and translator into the state language of "Standard training programs" (2005) in the specialties "doctor-organizer of the sanitary and epidemiological service", "Sanitary doctor for occupational health", "Sanitary doctor for municipal hygiene", " Sanitary doctor for food hygiene», "Sanitary doctor for hygiene of children and adolescents".

Co-NP MH RK on the theme: "Gigiena-ecological and Toxicological assessment of the quality of environmental objects (water, soil, food and biological substrates took place) of the Aral sea region ( by the example of the Karmakshy region, Kyzylorda oblast)".

Labour activity. Assistant of the Department of General hygiene of the city medical College (1996-1998). Post-graduate student, senior researcher at the laboratory of environmental hygiene of human ecology Of the scientific Center of hygiene and epidemiology.H. Zhumatova (1995-2009). Associate Professor, head of the educational part of the Department of postgraduate education of specialists of the sanitary and epidemiological service of ashiu (Kazmuno) (2001-2009) .

Proceedings. He has more than 25 scientific papers, including a manual, guidelines and guidelines.


Kampen Vitaliy Bronislavovich

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1. State grant for training in ZKGMA. M. Ospanova;
2. Prize-winner of the scientific and practical student conference;
3. State grant for master's degree in higher school of Economics;
4. Winner of the Republican Olympiad among medical undergraduates
Universities of Kazakhstan;
5. State grant for doctoral studies in higher school of Economics.

Martuk CRB trade Union Committee, culture and mass sector (2009-2010);
 Chairman of the Council of young scientists of the higher school of Economics (2013-2014).


Baigonova Kaini Sagimbaevna 

Tel: +7 727 2211612,  internal phone: 1612


Membership in various organizations and cooperation:

Member of the Academic Council of the Medical Faculty;

Scientific works (sphere):

Scientific articles - 71.

Achievements, awards:

Medal for the 50th anniversary of the Almaty State Institute of Advanced Medical Education

Research activities:

epidemiology, hygiene.

Priority scientific and pedagogical interests:

Hygiene, epidemiology, medical psychology. 



Maulenova Bakhyt Nusifovna

Tel: +7 727 2211612,  internal phone: 1612



Scientific works (their sphere): 

Author of 6 manuals in the field of jurisprudence, has more than 50 scientific papers, including articles published in national and international publications on various issues of jurisprudence, medical law and public health.

Actions, awards:

- Honorary Certificate of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for participation in the WIPO Summer School in St. Petersburg (2012)

- Honorary Diploma of the Committee on Intellectual Property Rights of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2012)

- Certificate of Honor of the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property (Moscow) for organizing and conducting the Kazakhstan Olympiad of schoolchildren on intellectual property problems, Astana, 2014.

- Certificate of Honor of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Russian Federation (St. Petersburg, 2015).

Certified advanced training courses:

Since November 2016 she has been conducting trainings for heads of medical organizations, their deputies, lawyers of medical organizations, nurses on the following topics:

"Legal risks in the activities of medical organizations";

"Legal protection of doctors and medical organizations";

"Legal Regulation of Nursing Activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan";

"Analysis of law enforcement practice on bringing to justice of medical organizations and their officials for improper execution of medical documentation".