Branches of the Department


1. Generalities

       The branch to the enterprise is an important form of cooperation between the higher school and various branches of the national economy and is created in order to improve the quality of training of qualified specialists, including bachelors, masters and doctoral students, strengthen the practical orientation of the educational process, conduct joint research and implement the results of research in the enterprise.

       In its activities, the branch of the Department is guided by the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 27, 2007 "on education", the Charter of the Republican state enterprise on the right of economic management " Kazakh national " of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, SES RK 5.03.015-2009. Education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Educational work and pedagogical load. Main provisions of the state budget of the Republic of Kazakhstan 5.04.033-2011. State compulsory standard of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Postgraduate education. Magistracy. Main provisions, the Charter (Regulations) of the enterprise (institution, organization), decisions of the academic Council of the University and other documents.

2. Organizational structure

2.1. The branch is a structural division of the Department that operates in production and was established on the basis of a cooperation Agreement  

2.2. The branch must have at least two employees, including:

- branch Manager;


-research fellow.

2.3. Employee responsibilities:

Head of the branch:

- - participates together with the head of the Department in the preparation of the work plan of the branch and its coordination with the management of the enterprise;

- participates in the selection of personnel for the branch and distribution of training load;

- organizes the work of the branch in production;

- performs individual planned educational and methodical, educational and scientific work;

- reports for the work done at the meeting of the Department.


- performs individual planned educational and educational work;

- in agreement with the Department performs planned scientific work and implements the results of research in production.

Research fellow:

- performs planned scientific work;

- participates in the implementation of results in the enterprise.

3. The formation of a branch

3.1.A branch is created by order of the University rector based on the decision of the academic Council of the University and approved by the bilateral agreement between the University and the organization for a period specified in the contract.

3.2. The staff of the branch is formed by the Department in accordance with the training load and the volume of work performed.

3.3. The branch is headed by the head appointed by the rector on the proposal of the Department from among the leading experts organization of regular staff part-time or full-time employees of the Department. The branch may also include teachers and researchers of the Department, as well as qualified employees of the organization. Replacement of positions of the teaching staff and scientific staff is made in accordance with the established procedure.

3.4. The General management of the branch and periodic monitoring of its activities is carried out by the head of the Department.

3.5. The material and technical base of the Department's branch, which is necessary for ensuring the educational process and performing research works, is created and improved by the organization together with the University.

4. Planned activities of the branch

4.1. The branch conducts educational and methodological work on the disciplines of the Department and research work in the field of production activities of the organization.

4.2. Educational work:

- conducting laboratory and practical classes and checking students ' knowledge in separate sections;

- conducting classes in special disciplines and disciplines of specializations;

- management and protection of term papers and theses (projects);

- - attracting leading specialists of the company to give lectures to senior students in special disciplines and specializations;

- training of teachers of the Department in the organization.

4.3. Methodical work:

- participation in the preparation of scientific programs in disciplines;

- development of guidelines for laboratory and practical training in production conditions;

- providing organizational and methodological assistance to students;

- participation in educational conferences of the University.

4.4. Scientific work:

- conducting research with the involvement of students;

- implementation of the results of scientific research of the Department;

- participation in research conferences;

- promotion of scientific knowledge among employees of the organization;

- management of scientific work of undergraduates and doctoral students from among the employees of the organization.

4.5 Educational work:

- organization of measures to adapt students to specific production conditions;

- formation of students ' skills of organizational and scientific work in a difficult team;

- - career guidance work among the company's youth and selection of candidates for targeted training at the University.

4.6. All decisions of the branch on the organization of educational and methodological, research work are approved by the head of the Department and are coordinated with the educational and methodological Department, the research part of the University.

5. Regulating document

5.1. Regulations on the branch of the Department in the production of the Republican state enterprise on the right of economic management " Kazakh national".

5.2. Order of the rector on the organization of the branch with the indication:

- the amount of training load of the Department allocated to the branch;

- head of the branch.

5.3. Agreement on the organization of a branch of the Department in production.

5.4. Work plan consisting of sections: educational, methodical, educational, research work.

5.5. Staffing and individual workload of the branch's employees.

5.6. Minutes of the meeting of the branch team.

5.7. Logs of student attendance.

5.8. Annual performance reports.

In accordance with the regulations on the branch of the Department of health policy and organization of the al-Farabi Kazakh national University, contracts were concluded with clinical bases: Institute of surgery LLP and RSE at PHV "City polyclinic No. 29 of Almaty".

1. City polyclinic No. 29, Almaty

Address: Almaty, MD. Algabas-6, Uch. 371/3

2. Center of modern medicine "MEDITERRA" LLP " Institute of Surgery»

Address: 254/1 zhamakayev street, Almaty