poetry evening "the art of eloquence"

Debate, poetry evening "the art of eloquence"on the day of the languages of Kazakhstan,led by Head of the Department of Biophysics and Biomedical S.T. Tuleukhanov and with the participation of associate dean for educational, methodical and educational work K .A. Mukataeva,  Deputy head of the department for educational, methodical and educational work, k.b.s. N.T. Ablayhanova, Ph.D., k.m.s. G.A.Tusupbekova, the organization of curators - advisors of the Department E.V. Shvetsov, k.b.s. dozens: G.T. Srailova, Z.A. Askarova, Baktibaeva L.K., senior lecturer M.S.Kulbaeva, G.K. Atanbaeva and B.I. Ursheeva,  will be held 09.22.2014 14.30-16.00, in the week of language in the conference – hall of service center for students «Keremet» at the university level.

Publication date :  5/19/2015