Summer School of the trade union activists

3-5 July 2015 was held 5th Anniversary Summer School of the trade union activists. This year the Summer School discussed issues concerning the procedure of citizens' appeals to higher authorities, and considered offensive terms of legal liability. At the end of the seminar was held the traditional testing the knowledge of some of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Speaking about today, it is safe to say the revitalization of the trade union movement, the undoubted increase the credibility of this public organization, not only among members of the university staff, but also colleagues in the education system of Kazakhstan as a whole. The reasons for this, in my opinion, lie in changing the principles of the trade union leadership headed by Talgat Kumargalievichem Mekebaevym. The current head of the trade union KazNU not only introduced innovations in the work of trade unions, but also revived the activities that were carried out during the development of the university's history, breathing new life into them.
It should be noted that this year the beginning of the school was prepared very informative brochure "Workshop on the application of the law", addressed to the elected employees of a trade union and the heads of structural departments of the university. It is possible to find answers to most of the legal issues of workers arising from the daily activities of these categories of employees. This workshop was made a member of the trade union, a lawyer Daulet Orazgalievichem Ryskaliyev. It seems that the information collected in the document, will actively demand not only trade unionists.
You're a lot of positive emotions and impressions after a trip to the lake ... members of the school have worked well, learned a lot, well rested, get to know, and exchanged views on many issues! Ahead of the new school year, new interesting multifaceted work, which, undoubtedly, will find its rightful application knowledge gained at the Summer School of the trade union activists in 2015.
Akhmedova Aizhan Kaleshevna,
Chairman of Trade Union Bureau SDF
member of the trade union KazNU.

Publication date :  7/9/2015