PhD of the Department of Mechanics Zhilkibaeva Saltanat passed a scientific internship in the USA on the basis of the University of Bridgeport (Bridgeport, Connecticut)

The third-year PhD candidate of Department of mechanics Zhilkibayeva Saltanat spent a 3-month scholarship in the University of Bridgeport (Bridgeport, CT, USA) last spring of 2017. She undertook research on her PhD thesis «Development of the technique of calculation of forecasting the durability and rigidity of robotic systems taking into account the distributed dynamical loadings» under the overall guidance of her local and foreign supervisors – the professors M. Utenov and T. Sobh. The relevance of her scientific work is the analytical determination of internal forces and deformations in the links of projected manipulators and robotic systems. This doesn’t take into account only the weight of links and the external forces, but also considers the longitudinal and transverse inertial forces arising in the links of these systems, which is an urgent task. Zhilkibayeva Saltanat investigated the structure of manipulators and robots and their control at the RISC Lab of the University of Bridgeport during her scholarship.

Publication date :  5/22/2018