A contest is announced for the best student essay on the topic: "Language and ideology"dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of the famous Kazakh journalist MadievBayanjan (1928-1968).Description of the event: Department of General Linguistics and European LanguagesFaculty of Philology and World Languages ​​and Department of Press and Electronic Media Facultyjournalism holds a contest for the best student essay on "Language and ideology" withthe purpose of raising the professional and social status of future specialists,patriotic education, spiritual and moral development, the actualization of the positioncitizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.The essay is accepted for consideration by the Bid Evaluation Committee from the date of announcement to 10May 2018To participate in the contest it is necessary to send your essay to the post of the the subject line of the letter must specify: Competition. FULL NAME. The name of your work. Languagespelling: Kazakh or Russian (for example, Competition.) Sagitova SK Does the language affect theour position in life? Kaz.).Requirements for registration:6. Name of the file: Name and author's initials7. Theses are drawn up as follows: on the first line - Titlework (in capital letters, in bold), on the second - Surname andauthor's initials (bold), on the third line - course, specialty(italics), then the keywords (italics) are given, for example:
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2 year, Foreign language: two foreign languagesKeywords: language, ideology, politics, consciousness, society8. The text of the essay is submitted in Microsoft Word format. Indent (red line) - 1see Font - TimesNewRoman, size - 12. Line spacing - 1.Alignment to width. All fields are 2 cm. Do not enter numbering.9. The amount of work is not more than 500 characters of pure text.10. The text should be checked in the anti-plagiarism system with an originality of at least90%; 10% of the text is acceptable - quotes with the author's name and the title of the quotedwork.The results of the competition will be announced on 05/20/2018.Participants with the best works will be in the 2nd round for a two-minute presentationhis idea on the competitive theme.The winners will be awarded on 25.05.2018.Location: 312 aud. Faculty of Philology and World LanguagesEssays that do not meet the requirements of the competition, containing a large numbermisprints, actual, grammatical and stylistic errors, be consideredThe competitive commission will not be.All essays that meet the requirements will be included in the electronic compilation and publishedon a free basis.Sincerely, Organizing Committee
Bayanzhan Madiev was born on June 4, 1928 in the family of a farmman of the collective farm "Tehtshik"Ulansky district of the East Kazakhstan region. His father, Madi Argynbekuly, and his mother,Ayauli Smailov, worked in the village of Nikitinka in the Ulan district. In his early childhood he lostfather, and all cares for the education of Bayanzhan and his elder brother Bakibay fell on the shouldersmother. On their way of life they encountered many difficulties, but they could notget off the track and choose the right road.The well-known writer S. Abdiraiymuly wrote in his time: "In the fiftiesIn the twentieth century, new and young people came to Kazakh literature and journalismgeneration. These were the flowers that grew up in the conflagration of life. They were born into difficultKazakhs, during times of famine and deprivation, experienced suffering and saw the consequencesrepressions, experienced the terrible tragedies of the Great Patriotic War,which overtook almost every Kazakh family. Since childhood, this generation has performedblack work and tasted all the bitterness of life. Among them are Kakimzhan Kazybayev, SaparBaizhanov, Bayanzhan Madiev, Uzak Bagaev, Smatbek Torebekov, Kaiyrkan Sagyndyov, MukanMamazhanov, Bekezhan Tlegenov, Telman Zhanuzakov, Bekmyrza Baimakhanov, HaydollaTlemisov, Sherkhan Murtaza, Seydakhmet Berdikulov, and others. " In the list of these trulyremarkable personalities, with which the Kazakh people are proud, is also MadievBayanzhan.After the termination of the 9th grade of the secondary school named after Zhambyl in 1946 Madiev B.entered the Journalism Faculty of the Kazakh National UniversityKirov (now al-Farabi). Successfully graduating from university in 1951, he first workedliterary employee, then head of the department for affairs of the KomsomolThe republican youth newspaper "Leninshil zhas" (now "Young Alash"). In these years,more precisely in 1949 he married and became a father. By nature, he was honest, energetic,intelligent, humane, loving children.In 1955-1956, Madiev B. studied at the Central Komsomol School under the Central CommitteeVLKSM, after graduation worked as the head of the department of the newspaper "Leninshil zhas". 

Publication date :  4/4/2018