Business game of the topic “Management functions and the interdisciplinary essence of management”

At the seminar studies of the discipline “Business-1” professor Kubaev K.E hold business game with 2nd year students of the specialty Information Systems. On February 11, at the seminar studies was held a business game of the topic “Management functions and the interdisciplinary essence of management”. This business game as an interactive method allows us to consider conditional situations in business, where students collectively analyze, exchange opinions and set, solve specific problems. Also actively interact with other subgroups as partners in the business game. This business game allows students to form competence in the application of scientific research methods, as well as the following competencies in the educational program of the specialty 5B070300- Information Systems: - аpply engineering solutions in the design, support and development of information systems (ready to be responsible for making decisions in the management of complex engineering activities); - demonstrate knowledge of the fundamentals of entrepreneurial activity, business organization, economic knowledge, discuss managements question, marketing, accounting and finance issues and mechanisms of state regulation of the economy.

Publication date :  2/18/2019