Korean students in KazNU


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In order to realize the strategic development of the university, the development of external academic mobility, the Department of the Far East of the Oriental Studies Faculty initiated the winter school in the school year 2017-2018 academic year.

The students of Sangmeung University (Seoul, Republic of Korea) in the number of 11 people, as well as Professor Kim Han Sik were invited from 3 to 18 February 2018 to the university, which was chosen by the South Korean students themselves. These students were offered a course "Regional Studies. Politics, Economics and Culture of Central Asia ", which also provides for field research on the territory of Kazakhstan.

South Korean students of the Department of Korean Language and Literature together with Professor Kim Khan Sik were introduced to the course on politics, economics and culture not only in Kazakhstan but also in Central Asia. Practical classes were conducted out-of-the-way, an excursion to the sights of the city was organized for the listeners: guests from South Korea saw the beauty of Almaty mountains, visited historical places, met with representatives of the Korean diaspora in Kazakhstan. And on February 9, the Oriental Studies Faculty hosted a final lesson for the students of the Far East department and students of the Sangmyung University, where students exchanged knowledge, shared experience in Korean studies and Korean language as a whole, strengthening cooperation between universities. We believe in maintaining the existing friendly relations and hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

When leaving, the students said that "Staying at the best university in Central Asia left the most indelible impressions about the magnificence of the campus, the picturesque city, the rich history of the country, exquisite Kazakh cuisine and Kazakhstan's hospitality."


Department of the Far East