Center of the Kazakh Culture in Venice


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In the article, "A Glance at the Future. Modernization of Public Consciousness" the President of the country N. Nazarbayev, speaking about the competitiveness in the new global reality, stressed that Kazakhstan should be recognized around the world not only for oil resources and major foreign policy initiatives, but also for cultural achievements. Academic community and universities play a great role in this important work.

During the first New Year days the delegation of Al- Farabi KazNU has visited the Ca'Foscari University of Venice which is located in the famous cultural and tourist center of Italy. The Ca'Foscari University has a centuries-old history, traditions and a reputation of the one of the top universities in Europe and around the world.

Within two years, the partner - universities have actively developed academic cooperation and student exchange. Currently in the frame of the mobility programme 10 students of KazNU are studying at the Ca'Foscari University, whereas the Kazakh side welcomes students of Italian universities. During this official visit, as the result of the development of fruitful cooperation, the work on the Kazakhstan Center at the University CA ' Foscari was launched.

At the official meeting, the rector of KazNU Galym Mutanov and the rector of the Ca'Foscari University Bugliesi Michele discussed the expansion of bilateral cooperation, promotion of the work and development of the Kazakhstan Center, which aims to support and promote academic exchange in the framework of the joint training of specialists, development and implementation of joint scientific and educational projects, translation of books and monographs of Italian and Kazakh authors, etc.

Taking into consideration the increased interest of Kazakhstani students in the language and culture of Italy, it was suggested to open a center of Italian language and culture on the basis of KazNU. The opening of centers in partner universities will raise cooperation to a qualitatively new level and will facilitate to the development of friendly relations between Kazakhstan and Italy.

During the visit, there was another important event aimed at the promotion of scientific and educational achievements and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan. Al-Farabi KazNU jointly with the National academic library of the RK and Ca'Foscari University organized and held the international conference "Encountering Kazakhstan: towards a New Silk Road". This event was conducted with the support of Kazakhstan Embassy in Italy and Italy Embassy in Kazakhstan. The Ambassador of Italy to the Republic of Kazakhstan Stefano Ravagnan giving the speech at the conference highlighted the importance of holding such meetings for the popularization of Kazakhstan, as well as the need to expand bilateral relations not only in the economic area, but also in science and education. The Director of the Department of Asia and Africa at the Ca’Foscari University Alda Ferrari noted that the conference and meeting with the rector of the KazNU launched a new stage in the development of fruitful relations between two universities.

Having actively involved in the process of implementation of the program article "A Glance at the Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness" Al-Farabi KazNU initiates and implements a number of scientific, educational and cultural projects. For instance, the University has established joint laboratories for chemistry and chemical technologies in Rostock (Germany) and in Karachi (Pakistan); A joint work with the University of Tsukuba on the project “Campus in Campus” is implementing. KazNU opened a Kazakh Center of Culture in the Peking University of Foreign Languages ​​ and the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature in the Shanghai University of Foreign Languages. Also there were established Al – Farabi Centres in Istanbul and Jordanian Universities. Currently the work on opening Al-Farabi Center in the Netherlands is in the process.