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EMBA - Business administration


High School of Economics and Business

  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
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  • Professional
ON1 to determine the company's development prospects based on the results of marketing, financial and strategic analysis .
ON2 to form an organizational structure and to build a production flow and a logistic system corresponding to the strategy, goals, objectives and internal, external conditions of the organization.
ON3 develop a business plan, justify the feasibility and profitability of the project, using the methods of marketing, production and financial analysis.
ON4 to form a dividend policy and the most advantageous structure of financial assets, establish the optimal structure of liabilities and borrowed funds, identify key areas of expenditure of the organization’s resources, monitor financial performance indicators.
ON5 to apply modern business intelligence tools, Big Data analysis methods to optimize the company's work, reduce costs and increase profits.
ON6 To make the staffing of the company, to determine the position, the total number of employees and payroll.
ON7 to create a system for analyzing the situation and processes related to the key functional areas of business: developing and implementing company development strategies, managing people and organizations, finance, innovation, operations and change management, project management;
ON8 to make a feasibility study of a project to attract investments, to determine the net present value, profitability index, internal rate of return, project payback period.
ON9 to develop its own model of effective management of human resources and organizational behavior, including motivation, leadership, group dynamics, conflict management and high corporate culture and social responsibility of business.
ON10 analyze financial and accounting and reporting data and use them as sources of information, formed for carrying out economic calculations and strategy implementation;
ON11 to build a personal growth program that will contribute to the development of instrumental, interpersonal, systemic, personal competencies, management skills - leadership, goal-setting, decision-making, time management, the ability to think globally and constantly expand the planning horizon.
ON12 quickly and easily establish contacts with other members of the project team, competently Express their views and suggest ways and means of solving problems.
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