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IT archives and records management


History, Archaeology and Ethnology

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Upon completion of this program, it is expected that undergraduates will be able to:
ON1. Present scientific theories in the framework of modern scientific archival and documentary directions at the junction of interdisciplinary (information technology, law, etc.).);
ON2. Explain the essence of it implementation in public, departmental and private archives. Describe the content of it works. Identify the main trends in the Informatization of archives. To disclose the methodological conditions of it implementation.
ON3. Analyze the situation in the market of information products and services, to assess the possibility of using electronic document management systems and electronic archive.
ON4. Develop the application software used in the DOW and archival business, the criteria for its selection, the basics of software maintenance; to use IT methods in the creation of electronic databases of archival documents.
ON5. Make expert opinion on projects on creation of electronic archives in organizations, to analyze and suggest ways of improvement.
ON6. Apply methods and means of information security in information systems used in the documentation management and archival business.
ON7. Carry out acquisition of archives of various levels of electronic documents; to apply a system of General and specific criteria for the examination of the value of electronic documents; to create a system of accounting and scientific reference apparatus of electronic archives.
ON8. Organize electronic archive of the enterprise (institution) in the basis of modern legislation and methodical base; to apply modern information technologies in activity of electronic archives.
ON9. Use theoretical knowledge and practical skills for the preparation of electronic documentary publications, archaeological processing of documents, work with the text and preparation of scientific reference apparatus of publication in electronic format;
ON10. Work with modern means of digitizing archival documents; to scan and recognize the text of archival documents; to check and recognize the recognized text; to know the technique of choosing the technical means of digitizing archival documents.
ON11. Generate the received scientific knowledge in own scientific research on IT archival science and documentary science, to formulate problems and tasks of scientific research, to choose the corresponding methodology, to define stages of research.
ON12. Plan and methodically ensure all forms of training. Build professional relationships with colleagues and management.
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