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Information security system


Information technology

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Technical Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
Upon completion of this program, it is expected that undergraduates will be able to:
1. justify the choice of methodological foundations of research activities in the field of information security
2. describe legal acts, international and state standards in the field of information security;
3. choose and reasonably use methods and hardware-software means of information protection;
4. analyze threats to information security of objects and methods of counteraction
5. to assess the cryptographic strength of the encryption algorithms;
6. to use methods of increasing the security of data transmission in telecommunications networks;
7. identify vulnerabilities of cryptographic protocols and transformations and effectively apply them to solve applied problems;
8. use information sources and analytical methods of competitive intelligence, a system of measures to counter industrial espionage, means and methods of unauthorized access (NSD) to IP resources;
9. integrate knowledge and formulate judgments based on incomplete or limited information about the business processes of the organization;
10. develop an information security strategy in accordance with the development strategy of the organization;
11. organize debugging and testing of software, software and hardware for information security;
prepare scientific publications, technical reports on the results of research in the field of information security, by integrating knowledge from new or interdisciplinary fields and taking into account social, ethical, linguistic and scientific considerations.
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