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Actuarial Mathematics


Mechanics and Mathematics

  • Scientific and pedagogical direction - Master of Natural Sciences
  • Model of graduating student
  • Mandatory disciplines
  • Elective disciplines
  • Professional
ON 1. Demonstrate knowledge of modern methods of pedagogy and psychology of higher education and apply them in teaching activities;
ON 2. On the basis of deep system knowledge in the subject area, analyze the degree of complexity of actuarial tasks and provide applied interpretations;
ON 3. Competently use linguistic and cultural linguistic knowledge for communication in a multilingual and multicultural society of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in the international arena;

ON 4. Apply knowledge and skills in mathematical and computer modeling, use modern programming languages, as well as modern software packages for solving problems in the field of insurance and financial risks;

ON 5. Summarize the results of research and analytical work in relevant areas of science in the form of participation in research projects and tenders, in the development of state laws, projects, speaking at conferences, publishing articles;

ON 6.Teach special mathematical disciplines in universities and colleges;

ON 7. Create search algorithms for various queries in databases using numbering theory;

ON 8. Plan and implement forecasts in various risk-related areas, assessing the accuracy and reliability of simulation results;
ON 9. Develop products for various financial security systems: life insurance, medical insurance, general insurance, pension systems and investing;

ON 10. Build different mathematical and economic models of the object under study on the basis of the principles and tools of mathematical methods for making management decisions;

ON 11. Develop tariffs (pricing), reservations in the general insurance, life insurance and reinsurance industries;
ON 12. Choose methods that are applicable to their own research; communicate and substantiate their conclusions and knowledge used to formulate them to specialists and non-specialists.
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